T-Shirt Thursday!

I haven’t done T-Shirt Thursday in a loooong time and frankly I miss it! So here’s a quick one.

By the way, the one above is called I Love You This Much  (Threadless), design by Jonathan Dockery. Look at that kitty cat! Who wouldn’t wanna hug that little cutie? Kitty cat looks kinda creepy, but still adorable. Reminds me of the cheshire cat and the smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

Anyhoo, check out my other picks for today’s T-Shirt Thursday!

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Review: Surface Runners by Pierre Bunikiewicz

It’s been a good while since I’ve done book reviews, but I’ve been forcing myself to start doing it again. And I think I found a pretty good book to start. The book is science fiction, of course: Surface Runners by Pierre Bunikiewicz. The book reminded me a little bit of the Terminator, the Clone Wars, and even that old TV series Dark Angel. I don’t want to give anything away so I will just have to leave it at that. Read on to know more about the book and check out my review.

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A guest post about massage, its history and techniques

Carpet Head and I love getting massages. Actually, he’s the one who’s more into it and I just can’t say no most of the time. Lucky for us, there’s a home spa service in our area so it’s quite easy to schedule hour-long sessions anytime. It’s inexpensive and convenient, and, besides, we have this aromatherapy peppermint spray that we can just spritz around to re-create that nice, minty spa ambiance. But, sometimes, when we feel like it or on special occasions, we treat ourselves and go to an actual spa.

So why am I talking about this? Because today we have a guest post about massage! Read on to know just a tad bit more about the history and techniques of massage therapy.

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Girl Crush Friday: Imogen Poots

Look at this gorgeous girl! I first noticed British actress Imogen Poots in the zombie movie 28 Days Later. She was still pretty young in that movie, but she caught my attention. I think its her big expressive eyes that just reel you in.

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Guest Post: Important Investments that Can Help Freelancers Boost their Business

These days, it’s not just enough that you have a typewriter and impeccable grammar in order to become successful in freelance writing. At some point in our career, we need to invest on things in order to grow.

And when it comes to investing, the first thing that you need to learn is that it is a continuous and ever-changing process. It is just like filling your car with gasoline. Yes, the petrol that you poured can take you to faraway places, but you need to refill your tank again after sometime. You need to learn a new writing skill in order to satiate your readers, and you might even need to upgrade some of your gadgets. In this post, you’ll learn about the essential things that freelancers should invest in to boost their craft and their business.

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Young Adult Sci-Fi Event plus a $100 Amazon GC Giveaway

I love Science Fiction so sometimes I can’t help joining sci-fi blog events every now and then. Today we’re featuring a Young Adult Sci-Fi event. We’re celebrating a few awesome YA science fiction authors with giveaways, book exclusives, games and more!

This Young Adult Science Fiction Multi-Author Event is on March 19th from 5:30-9PM. Read on for more details on the authors and the $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at the bottom of this post!  Check it out!

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Launch & Giveaway: The A.I. Chronicles (A Future Chronicles Anthology)

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Even today, machines that mimic human thinking surround us. As the intellectual feats of computing machines grow more and more astounding, will there be a day when their apparent intelligence approaches, or even surpasses, that of human beings? And what if these machines then become conscious, self-aware?

Join the launch party  of this latest title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies! And enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Good Vibes Friday! Puppies galore!

Earlier this year we got a new puppy, Hero, a golden retriever and labrador-husky mix. Earlier this week we found ourselves with another one, a jack russell terrier named Max! Puppies galore! Yayyyy.

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