How to beat the heat while working at home


DAMN it’s getting hot in here. And by that, I really mean, holy crap summer’s here to toast us all.

Maybe it’s because we went to Boracay island early in March that I feel like summer has been going on forever. I’ve forgotten that the season of beaches and bikinis only “officially” starts around this time. Luckily, the maddening heat reminded me that school’s out and it’s time to bask (or burn) in the scorching heat and revel in the “YAY no more school therefore there are less cars on the road YAY” traffic. I don’t drive, but, hey, I’m a passenger and sucky traffic gets to me, too.

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Things I’m thankful for and loving today

Because it’s Friday and I’m stalling before I need to get to work.

1. Kat Dennings and Eric Andre from 2 Broke Girls

Kat Dennings – I’ve had a girl crush on since I discovered her gorgeous blog header some years back. I know, I’m weird, but that header photo is gold. Plus she’s really funny on 2 Broke Girls. Eric Andre – I just discovered him on that show, too, and he is frickin’ hilarious. I’m loving them both right now.

Check out this clip from the show. A little background – SPOILER ALERT! – Deke (Eric Andre) is trying to win back Max (Kat Dennings) who doesn’t want to date him anymore because he turned out to be a rich dude.


So funny. I haven’t seen any of the episodes from this season.

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Rambling about the sun, sand, and sea

My team, the Ultimate Warriors, has joined the Boracay Open beach ultimate tournament each year since 2009. The first time we joined we were just deliriously happy to be part of the whole thing. Last year we finished second in pool B. This year we finally bagged the pool B championship. YAAYYYY.

Every time I’m in Boracay it’s a different experience, but it’s never NOT epic in some way or another. Loooved the sand, the places, and, of course, the company. The water was divine. There’s nothing like a dip in cool salt water after playing under the scorching sun. ;)

Aaaand I have no more words.

Oh hey, pictures! 

First, a confession. This year, at Boracay Open 2014, I first discovered the panorama mode on my iPhone. I’ve had my phone since November. I know. Hashtag BIGNOOBALERT. In my defense, I was a Nokia user for over ten years. That’s it. And we have my first panorama photo below. Yayyy. Why it looks like my new blog header photo! Whaddayaknow! #imsofunnyicoulddie

photo 4-b-1500x450-2

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Spotlight: Apocalypticon by Clayton Smith

I decided to join this book blast because this book reminded me of the movie Zombieland, which was pretty funny and cool. Wish I had the time to read and review the book for this post, but I guess the next best thing is to help spread the word. Checkitout, folks!

By the way, the author will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn host. Check out the other tour stops and leave a comment.

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Guest Post: 5 Reasons why Reading a Book Brings Peace


Reading is a personal pursuit, so we each pick up books for different reasons. For most people, entertainment is one of the primary takeaways from reading a good book. But there are other reasons why people read; furnishing a host of benefits for individuals inspired to peruse their favorite titles.

Whether you are on a quest for deeper meaning, or simply out for a leisurely read, personal pleasure and gratification are strong inspiration for taking-in text. We all strive to feel better in life, and books support our pursuits. We don’t always know – or need to know – exactly why we crack a book, but our motivation remains interesting nonetheless.

Bridging the gap between the demands of daily life and our potential to see beyond them; reading brings peace to readers as they explore new ideas and unique forms of expression. Why does reading change our perspective in this way?

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