A Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice, Book 1)

Finally finished the book. Yayyy. Thank the heavens. Goodness, took me forever to get through that one. It was probably because I watched the HBO series first before I started on the book and I already knew what was going to happen so I guess I wasn’t really feeling the suspense and excitement of not knowing the twists and turns of the story and.. and.. SPLORT!

Anyway, it was nice reading about the details that the TV series did not really delve into. In the book you really get to know the characters and the inner workings of their often devious minds. Unfortunately, as it always happens when I read the book after watching the film or series adaptation, I wasn’t able to form my own interpretation of what the characters looked like. In my head I kept seeing the actors who played the parts. Oh well. No biggie. The book was still a great read.

I’m thinking maybe I should read the next one before the second season of the series comes out in April. But then that might ruin my viewing experience of the second season. Gah. Book first or series first? Decisions, decisions…

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day. Yayyyy.

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  1. I’ve never read a book after seeing the movie/series. I usually find myself liking the movie, but being a little disappointed when it leaves out a favorite part. I still enjoy it though.


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