Of personal challenges and book blog tours (happenin’ next week!)

When I was still a youngling in the consulting world, my manager would ask me if I thought I was comfortable enough to do a small part of the presentation or to facilitate the ice breaker exercise. It was my manager’s way of teaching me and easing me into the ways of the consulting business.  Most of the time our target audiences were the managers or senior personnel of our clients. I would always say yes even though I was terrified of the thought and would rather not do any presenting or facilitating ever and at all. I’m an introvert and speaking in front of an audience is not my cup of tea, but I would always say yes to it because I saw it as a chance for me to just get it over with. It was a way of challenging myself and I didn’t want to be called a scaredy cat.

I still don’t like talking and presenting in front of people, but I have learned to manage myself when I need to do it and I am not averse to it. Not shying away from opportunities to improve myself has helped me know and accept my limitations as well as find out how much more I can do. Diving head first into challenging situations is a great way of overcoming personal struggles. For me, putting myself in actual “sink or swim” situations works better than just telling myself to do better. Niall Doherty of Disrupting the Rabblement calls these things random acts of courage or challenges that are supposed to push you out of your comfort zone.

These days I have a few personal challenges that are aimed to help me with my writing. One of these challenges involved signing up at Novel Publicity as a book tour host. Being a book tour host basically involves promoting a new book by doing a book review or posting about the author or an excerpt for the book. Now I am terrible at doing book reviews as shown by the book to movies challenge posts that I did last year. I am terrible at it and I don’t really love it, but I see it as something that I should be able to do if I want to be a true blue writer.

Anyway, so I signed up and I’ll be posting my first book review some time in the middle of next month. I’ll be hosting a book tour next week, but I won’t be doing any book reviews just yet. I’ll be publishing a guest post though and it will give you details about the book we’re featuring. You will also find out how you can win Amazon Gift Cards and a Kindle Fire! Watch out for it!

So there. Aside from my 30 day challenges, I also have my little book review challenge this year.

What are your current personal challenges? Have you ever deliberately put yourself in “sink or swim” situations just so you could learn to survive?


  1. Join! Join! Once you become a book tour host, you always have the option to decline a book tour if you’re too busy with other projects! I think it’s a pretty sweet gig. :)

  2. Krissy says:

    Sounds very interesting, I would love to join, too! Thanks for sharing :) Although I don’t know if I have enough time to do it anytime soon. Good luck! :)

  3. ecartman10 says:

    That sounds interesting.  When you do book reviews you may come away with different comments than other people, but that’s okay.  Sometimes our views are different and that helps other people to see things differently too.  You’ll do great!

    I do jump in, sink or swim, but I didn’t think of it that way.  I just thought I should be able to do whatever it was and did it–like changing jobs every few years.  Most people here don’t move, but I like to try different things.  If I get nervous or think I can;t do something, then I give myself grief…I might tell myself, “Come on Rick, morons all over the world do this everyday–so you can do it too!!!”  LOL, I’m better at being positive to encourage others, while I tend to be hard on myself. =)

  4. Hi Roms! I’m new to the book blog tour concept, too. Apparently a book tour is when several blogs feature a book/author for a specific period. Eeenteresting stuff. :P I agree about the personal growth rates… if only my pocket would grow as fast as well. Haha. Baby steps, baby steps. 

  5. ma. roma agsalud says:

    I’ve never heard of a book tour..is that done online? like you tour with the rest of the people in the cyberworld. Haha. Sorry. :) Gosh. You’re really putting yourself out there, Lei! Good for you! Notice how faster our growth rates are…now that were unemployed. It’s as if everyday is a challenge to do better. 

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