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I would like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. You guys rock! By the way, in case some of yous are confused about the giveaway duration it was supposed to end May 30 midnight my time (GMT +8). Rafflecopter uses EST so the widget was still running even after midnight here and I wasn’t able to remove it til early this morning. Sorry, my bad. I just made sure the winning entries were made within the period specified in the original post. :)

Now, on to the winners! I used Rafflecopter to pick the winners and the first name drawn is for the $25 Amazon Gift Card. The succeeding names drawn are for the feature posts and badge space. I’ve contacted all winners and if any one doesn’t respond within a week from now or declines (noooooo!!), I will pick another name. Okiedokie? Congratulations, everyone! :)
$25 Amazon Gift Card 
Reading Mind (@aliaslucia)

Feature Posts + Ad Space
Tin Ong
Michelle Sedeño

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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