Going Freelance, Part 4: Sources of Inspiration and Information

When I decided to take the leap and go for what I wanted to do, I started finding a lot of inspiration on the world wide web. I found myself hopping on to different blogs and websites of people who went through a similar experience and are now doing their own thing and helping others get on their own groove.

In this post, I’m just going to list down these awesome blogs and websites.

These websites are mostly about healthy living, traveling around the world, and starting your own business. The two common things about them are: 1) they are by or about people who decided to take their fates and lives into their own hands, and 2) they help and encourage people to do the same. These are very interesting reads. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Read about interesting shakers and movers, travel hackers, freedom thinkers, and location rebels.

This is just a short list, but these are some of the blogs/sites that are really fun and inspiring for me. They are all so positive and that makes me feel positive, too. Knowing that there are people out there who are doing these amazing things really makes a difference somehow.

For more freelancer-related information, these are the sites that have been really useful to me:

Are there any blogs or sites that inspire you? Please share! ;)

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