Feb 4

A New Book for Writers: A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar

Last January I posted my list for 2013 and I mentioned being inspired by the book A Writer’s Bucket List to create my own, er, bucket list. Well, the book is officially launching and I will be doing features about it the whole week!

Plus, one of you, my lucky readers, will have a chance to win your very own copy!

Read more about the book and this week’s features. Then find out how you can win a copy of A Writer’s Bucket List!

Here’s what I have lined up for the week:

  • My blog post for The Bucket List Challenge
  • My review of the book
  • A guest post by author Dana Sitar
  • A giveaway for one copy of A Writer’s Bucket List!

About the Book

A Writer’s Bucket List: 99 things to do for inspiration, education, and experience before your writing kicks the bucket is an inspirational and educational ebook for writers at all levels of their careers. The book is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer, a kick in the butt for those who don’t know what to do next, and a simple guide to help writers forge their own unique career/life paths.

About the Author

Dana Sitar is a freelance journalist and indie author. She shares resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path through DIY Writing (danasitar.com). She has been writing professionally since 2010, blogging unabashedly since 2011, and traveling perpetually since she discovered that one feature article could purchase enough gas for a cross-country road-trip.

Blog: danastar.com/blog
Resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path.

Books: danasitar.com/books
Stories and guides to inspire, motivate, and educate.

Connect with Dana:
Twitter: @danasitar
Contact: dmsitar(at)gmail.com

Dana will be giving away one copy of the book to a lucky reader! All you need to do is answer a simple question and share about the launch. Enter using the Rafflecopter below! This is open to anyone and will run from today til the end of The Bucket List Challenge (Feb 12)!



  1. Bookishqueen says:

    I will finish writing my second book.

  2. Dana Sitar says:

    Thanks for joining, Leah! Awesome post – can’t wait to see what everyone’s working on this year :)

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