Going Freelance Mini eBook

In my last pseudo freelancing monthly report, I mentioned wanting to turn my Going Freelance blog series into a mini eBook that people can download for free. Well, I finally finished updating it and it is now available for free!

The mini eBook, Going Freelance (A Personal Journey Plus Tips to Help You Get Started), talks about how I quit my 8-year corporate job and became a freelance writer. It’s basically an updated version of the blog series and includes topics like what to do before quitting your job, finding online jobs, withdrawing your earnings, finding resources and inspiration, and staying on track.

If you want a free copy, you can sign up for the White Sky Project newsletter or you can simply email me at leah(at)whiteskyproject.com and I’ll send you a copy! :)

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  1. Christine D. says:

    Wish you must success with your book! I know it’s free, and you won’t make a cent, but I hope it gets more exposure. It will be very helpful to those who want to delve into free-lancing!

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