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Rambling about the sun, sand, and sea

My team, the Ultimate Warriors, has joined the Boracay Open beach ultimate tournament each year since 2009. The first time we joined we were just deliriously happy to be part of the whole thing. Last year we finished second in pool B. This year we finally bagged the pool B championship. YAAYYYY.

Every time I’m in Boracay it’s a different experience, but it’s never NOT epic in some way or another. Loooved the sand, the places, and, of course, the company. The water was divine. There’s nothing like a dip in cool salt water after playing under the scorching sun. ;)

Aaaand I have no more words.

Oh hey, pictures! 

First, a confession. This year, at Boracay Open 2014, I first discovered the panorama mode on my iPhone. I’ve had my phone since November. I know. Hashtag BIGNOOBALERT. In my defense, I was a Nokia user for over ten years. That’s it. And we have my first panorama photo below. Yayyy. Why it looks like my new blog header photo! Whaddayaknow! #imsofunnyicoulddie

photo 4-b-1500x450-2

I think the photo below was after our last game, the finals, which we won. YAY. We always huddle and de-brief after each game so we don’t forget about the stuff we learned, and so we can thank each other for playing our hearts out and bask in each other’s awesomeness. ;)


And here’s a team photo! Look at that gorgeous skyline. I had to stop myself from cropping us out of this just so I can stare at that pretty blue. Maybe later.


Some of us girls were replicating the poses from that How To Look Good In Your Bikini (Without Working Out) article on I do not have the abs of my dreams just yet (working on it!), so I decided to play up my ass-ets with the “Lea Michele.” HAH. Yayyy.

Random thought: why is it socially acceptable to strut around in a bikini, but totally scandalous to strut around in one’s underwear?


The day after the official end of the tourney, we hung out at Spider House, a bamboo treehouse resort overlooking the ocean. Great place to chill and relax with friends. Food’s not half bad either. I was working during the first hour because it was a Monday after all. See the laptop? Yeah, whatta a loser. I packed it up though and stripped… because there was a ladder going down to the water and all that. Hah.


Oh hey, incidentally, it was also a year after our engagement! Yayyyy. Carpet Head loves his fedora.


And that’s it.

Bluh-blah bluh-blah. 

Photos by my teammates JP and Ian.


  1. Love the panorama shot! And your new blog layout too! :)
    Jean recently posted…Unboxing Z’s World’s February COM BoxMy Profile

  2. Hi Leah!

    I must have seen you around na siguro. I play Ultimate Frisbee too. Cleat Lovers. If the name rings any bell. We always play during the Wet N Wild Tourney, but not this year ata.

    Don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog pero when I saw your categories — (frisbee, freelance writing, books) oh well. I like those things too!! Will drop by again soon. :)
    Miss`Chievous recently posted…{C} is for CacogenMy Profile

    • Heyyy! Yep I’ve heard of the Cleat Lovers! Hard not to forget that name haha. Nice to meet a fellow blogger and ultimate player here online! Heading over to your blog now.. :)

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