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Surface Runners

Review: Surface Runners by Pierre Bunikiewicz

It’s been a good while since I’ve done book reviews, but I’ve been forcing myself to start doing it again. And I think I found a pretty good book to start. The book is science fiction, of course: Surface Runners by Pierre Bunikiewicz. The book reminded me a little bit of the Terminator, the Clone Wars, and even that old TV series Dark Angel. I don’t want to give anything away so I will just have to leave it at that. Read on to know more about the book and check out my review.

Surface Runners by Pierre BunikiewiczAbout the book

Coinciding with a massive attack that decimates a number of underground Colonies, Runners Command initiates an experiment that many expect to become humanity’s ultimate weapon against the surface enemy. An experiment that will make humanity’s return to the surface possible. A human experiment whose short life-span and dexterity is the key to their salvation.

Get ready for an action packed science-fiction story by the author of “Fresh Sobbing Winds.”

Plunge yourself in an intense and intriguing novel that takes you deep underground, introduces you to a courageous flock of men who risk it all to set foot on earth’s surface, and takes you on a journey that crosses ethical boundaries. (via Goodreads)

Fast, exciting, thought-provoking science fiction

I reviewed Surface Runners for Readers’ Favorite. I wrote a short review which I included below, with a few additional details.

Surface Runners by Pierre Bunikiewicz is an exciting and action-packed science fiction novel that keeps readers on their toes in every page. Humanity has been forced to go underground by the machines, which now own the surface and kill any human found above ground. Only members of the elite group called Runners are allowed to the surface for minutes at a time to salvage whatever they can find amongst debris scattered around the now desert-like surface. After suffering heavy losses from recent attacks by the enemy, Command sends their best Runner to retrieve a special compound from a crashed machine. Though they pay a heavy price, they succeed in retrieving the package and execute an experiment aimed at finally destroying the machines and allowing humans to claim the surface again.

I really want to get into more detail but I think those details are better left for readers to discover for themselves. The book is a quick and exciting read. Although it can seem very technical at times, the technicality doesn’t take away from the story. The story runs in a very fast pace and it seems like there is always something happening on each page.

The author, Pierre Bunikiewicz, holds nothing back. The battles between man and machine are written in graphic detail. If this was turned word for word into a movie, it would probably be rated PG-13 at the least for its violent content. Characters are introduced with careful detail and killed off in the different violent ways that people die when caught in a great fictional war between man and machines.

Of course, there is a twist in the story and it hits you as violently as the events leading up to it does. Though Surface Runners is fiction, it deals with issues that people can relate to and dives deep into what it means to be human in a time when machines and technology own the world. This book is good science fiction and I really enjoyed reading it.

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Disclaimer: I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite and was provided a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated or required to provide a positive review. All comments and views expressed here are my own.

About the author

Long time contributor to major movies, in the domain of research and development in the visual arts as well as visual effects, Pierre Bunikiewicz has inspired and often gave vision to movie makers and crews and helped draft and design stories that are box office hits – Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful, John Adams, Boardwalk Empire, or Maleficent to name a few… Check: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3960601/. Beyond the purely aesthetical and silver screen personality, we uncover an author who can bring a story that explores deep issues while taking the reader along with the characters on a threatening trip into a scary immortal world… (via Goodreads)