The Roar of Smoke

I’m always attracted to fantasy and/or sci-fi and the cover and blurb for this book really intrigued me. This book has magic, horses, and interesting characters. I’m glad I got the chance to read this. Check out the book and my review below.

The Roar of Smoke Candace CabbarusAbout the book

Tressida is a smoke-spinner, a meldborn. It’s a lethal legacy, a forbidden force. Daughter of Crone and Sage, by law she should have been killed at birth.

Now she’s seventeen, wanting only to be a member of her land’s vanished Horseguard and discovering she is more than she ever knew as first her eyes and then her hair turn to smoke. Just as she learns she can fulfill her dream of working with horses, her talent awakens an ancient and deadly feud.

On one side—those claiming the honor of destroying a meldborn. On the other—those intending to use her for their own ends. Tressida must master her talent in order to save herself and those she loves.

Is she strong enough?

Or will the roar of smoke consume her?

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Interesting fantasy with interesting characters

I reviewed The Roar of Smoke for Readers’ Favorite and I’m glad I had the chance to read it.

The Roar of Smoke by Candace Cabbarus is an exciting and original fantasy novel. Fans of the genre as well as horse lovers will enjoy reading this story about a land where horses are majestic, revered creatures that play a significant role in the story.

At the center of the story is 17 year old Tressida. When Derrians attack the city, her Gran tells her to escape with her friend Galiann and to never spin her smoke. Tressida has no idea what spinning smoke means, but she eventually discovers that she possesses a power that is both beautiful and devastating. She’s a meldborn, child of a crone and a sage, and she possesses powers from both sides. By law, meldborns are condemned to death because their powers are too great and unpredictable. Tressida begins to discover herself and faces various challenges as she meets people who say they want to protect her, people who say they want to train her, and people who want to kill her. Tressida must learn to control her power as things change in Cirq and forces are coming together for something big.

I enjoyed The Roar of Smoke. It’s a fantasy novel that touches on family, friendship, love, and discovering one’s true strength. The book is easy to read and fast-paced and I find the concept of smoke spinning intriguing. I also like the role of horses in the story. I would have liked a bit more world building in the book, but Candace Cabbarus has created an exciting storyline and a great set of characters with a lot of potential for further development in the next instalment of this series. It seems that this book is setting the scene for something big and I, for one, am interested in finding out what happens next.

I received a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author

I have written stories and ridden horses–frequently simultaneously–for as long as I can remember. I grew up on Long Island and spent my formative years in the saddle–just imagining. After high school, I traveled to Ness, England and studied at a British Horse Society training school. This was an all-around amazing experience. When I left, I clutched a certification to teach riding in my hot little hand, and I enjoyed instructing riders for many years.

Who am I kidding? We know it is the horses who do the teaching. All we can do is try to remain open to what they have to say.

Now, I share a farm in Missouri with my family, but I have only one horse these days. Remi’s a Trakehner – thoroughbred – quarter horse cross, as easy a keeper and good minded as they get. We board him at a terrific place nearby.

Not surprisingly, my stories are frequently infused with the mystery and spirituality horses have brought to my life.

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