About Me

I’m a freelance writer, currently sporadic blogger, slightly obsessed yoga newbie, kinda retired ultimate player (translation: old and injured), couch potato, coffee drinker and slave-momma to three rambunctious puppies.

I’m slacking off on the blogger part these days, but when the urge hits me I usually blog about books, yoga, ultimate, travel, freelancing, movies, music, and awesome graphic tees. I love helping authors get word out about their work so I do a lot of book-related posts, usually about science fiction and fantasy stuff.

About this blog

I created this blog in 2003. I started in Blogger and moved to WordPress about a decade later. Back then it was just something that helped me de-stress from work. That means the early years of this blog were full of weird posts that only I understand. Haha. When I became a freelancer I started posting more book reviews on the blog and I’ve been calling myself a bookish blogger since then. Yay.


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