T-Shirt Thursday! Because it’s cool and it’s fun!

It’s been a while since my last T-Shirt Thursday, yeah? Truth be told, I haven’t been browsing my favorite graphic tee sites for a while and I really don’t buy tees that often, anyway, because I always tell myself that I need more formal-ish type tops, but then again I’ve also been trying to stop myself from buying any more clothes. I don’t need more clothes, seriously. I have too many things I don’t use – shirts, frisbee jerseys, singlets, dresses, shorts, etc. I seriously need to purge my closet again AND give away or donate the stuff I don’t use anymore. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we (my sis and me, I mean) still have the old stuff we discarded in our last purge, which was a couple of years ago! They’re all still up in storage. MY GAHD.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling. I know I have stuff to do with my current stuff and my old stuff and I really should do something about all that this week or this month, BUT, for today, let me just share the joy I get from seeing graphic tees with seriously cool and fun art. That’s really what I love about these, anyway – the cute and awesome art!  Check out the ones that caught my eye this week.

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Yay it’s T-Shirt Thursday!

Oh yay I have a new T-Shirt Thursday post! It’s been a while coz I’ve been busy.


I’ve been a lazy blogger as always, that’s what. This blog has gotten so boring, I swear. I’m getting so frustrated over this reading and blogging rut, but I’m really really trying to get this blog back to how it was before. You know, more personal and fun (for me, anyway). I mean, sure I love posting about the books that catch my attention, but I also want to post more about other things, like stuff I find interesting or about what’s been happening in my life. Yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway highway, I gotta think and work on that for a bit. Now lemme attempt to entertain you with my graphic tee picks of the week! YAYYY.

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T-Shirt Thursday: “Six or more things of one thing” designs

It’s Thursday so I’m doing another rundown of the graphic tees that I’m loving this week! Yayyy. It really is super fun to browse. This week’s theme is “six or more things of one thing” which basically just means the t-shirt designs feature different types of one thing or something like that. Yayyy!

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T-Shirt Thursday: Adorable Animals Edition!

Yay t-shirts featuring animals! No need for more intro words, right? Check out what caught my eye this week! Yayyyy… ;)

Dogtor by Joel Robinson (Threadless): Eeeep! It’s a dogtor!

Catffeinated by Casandra Ng (Threadless): Look at those eyes! I love coffee and I avoid drinking it at night, but it rarely keeps me awake like this anymore. Unless it’s really strong coffee.

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T-Shirt Thursday: Yay for Star Wars Tees and Tanks!

Yep, we’re all madly excited about the new Star Wars film coming out so I’m doing Star Wars tees and tanks today! Woohoo! I’m not going to pretend to be a super fan, but I do like Star Wars. Hey, have you seen that Carrie Fisher interview that’s been going around? She’s great and super funny. If you haven’t seen it, go find it ASAPs (um, the extra ‘s’ means you gotta go faster than ASAP, so that means nowww). Heh.

Anyhoo, enough of this stupid rambling. On to the awesomeness of Star Wars graphic tees! These are some of my favorites. They are cute, no?

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It’s T-Shirt Thursday! [Tank Top Edition]

I love tank tops. If only I could wear them all day errr-day and errr-where! Seriously, it’s my dream life – tank tops, shorts and flip flops or cute kicks forever. These days, I’m also obsessing about kicks coz the hubby’s obsessed with them and he has a growing collection of cute sneakies in fun bright colors while I have, like, one pair. Gah.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite graphic tanks for this week’s T-Shirt Thursday!

Yay! Big Hands! by Teo Zirinis (Threadless): Aww look at T-Rex, so happy with his big foam hands. Lookit his face! We should all be so happy to have big foam hands.

Spoiler Alert by Perry Beane & Gulshan kishor (Threadless): Death’s looking cute here. I know this design is a little morbid but it’s so cute.

Mermicorn by Ben Clanton (Threadless): Hah this is absolutely adorable. I don’t think a mermicorn has ever crossed my mind before! I love it and I want one.

Find What You Love by Midnight Coffee (Threadless): It says “Find What You Love And Let It Kill You.” Uh huh. It’s a gorgeous anatomical heart, isn’t it.

Sea Fox by ECMazur (Society6): I just love this design. A green sea fox is love.

La Vita Nuova (The New Life) by Rachel Caldwell (Society6): I’ve a thing for roses and skeletons together. This is so pretty.

Space Catet by Seamless (Society6): Cutest space cat ever!

Death Metal – Have a Super Nice Day by dumbshirts (DesignbyHumans): I’ve a thing for skulls, too. This is so metal.

Pug Yoga by Huebucket (DesignbyHumans): A pug doing yoga? Yes, please. Look, little pup’s even better at it than I am.

Pocket Pandas by Bekadesigns (DesignbyHumans): Aww who can resist itty bitty pocket pandas? Moarrr pandas moaarrrr!!

That is all. Which tank top from the list above is your favorite?