useless post. my brain’s asleep again. wretched thing.

“riddle me this, riddle me that

who’s afraid of the big black bat?”

favorite green villain with flashing eyes

whispered in the caves of the double-faced.

double-face remembered the acid wash, flicked his coin

and squirmed and screamed in green jungles

as he heard and lived in his head

how the bodies ripped and the blood rained

not even pretty little asian wife could set him down.

they crossed over an ocean to forget the red skies

and drop his name to become an unknown

train the eager new dude with the raybans on hand

as they crushed bugs under their shiny black shoes

and messed with people’s heads

with their bright flashy thingies.

and oh yes, the cool dude also happened to save the world

from annihilation with the help of the fly.


drama in my dream drunk mind

white flat screen bright silence breathes
monotone humdrum riffs of clacking keys
no play all work in our bodies embed
pen scratch paper rip thought train suspend

lazy daisy imagines great heights
flower child inside seeks alternative high
tiny electric black box materialize
lazy daisy dares to amplify

radio head waves invade implode
jack up turn up unleash withhold
high up we streak down hard we drive
neck bobs knuckle cracks beatnick jive

clear skies, wings high, here we go…

(silence breeds peculiarity.)

proxify prohibition

draw curtain, open scene

quick itchy nimble fingers

proxify me, baby.

fuck we’re blocked, baby.

bye bye friendsters.

next time we’ll proxify me to kingdom come.

* * * * * * *

just a brief background on this post, lest you (whoever you are) conceive in your minds that i am simply rambling incoherently about things (which i probably am, but mind you they make perfect sense to me). the beloved friendster site has been unfortunately blocked by our IT dept (evil, conniving creatures that they are) and so my fellow workers and i had to resort to using proxy servers in order to access the wretched website and feed our friendster addiction. was such a server but it was only good for a few days coz those proxify people things decided to charge fees. whatever. now i’m waiting word on the next proxy server to use. tsk, why on earth am i explaining myself to you?

dream of an empty head…

i am pregnant silence
supernova of thoughts
fingers running marathons on the keyboard
letters, words dripping out of my skin
race, race the electric speed train
fingers working, working, working…
i am carpal-tunnel-syndrome’s next bitch.

i have lost it. i have lost my grasp. i have lost my words. i cannot write anymore. maybe it’s because i am no longer drowning in my own dark thoughts. maybe it’s because i have somehow crawled out of the hole i had dug myself into. it seems sunlight killed whatever creativity was growing inside my head. what now?