Books to Movies Challenge

Aha! I haven’t read anything in such a long time that I’ve decided to join a reading challenge! I read about it in a post by Jai and I followed the yellow brick road to the challenge host: Two Bibliomaniacs.

The challenge begins June 1st and ends Dec 31st. All you gotta do is read a book and watch the movie adaptation. You can choose any book. You can also choose to read 2, 4, 6, or 8 books. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m going to try to go for at least 2. Haha. If I can do more, that will be great. I just bought a book a few days ago and it was one that was already made into a movie. Guess I’m off to a good start, eh? :P

If you’re up for a book and movie challenge, go to this awesome place and read more about it.

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In other news, it’s TGI-Friday and I’m blog guesting at A Taste of T today!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! :)

Is there a station coming up where I can board your giggling train of thought?

Ah, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, how I adore you.  That line up there’s from episode 23 of The Big Bang Theory Season 4. Fun stuff! Check out more Sheldon quotes here. :)

So I’ve a lot of post ideas in my head but I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts, so I thought I’d just ramble. Uh huh, I’m a Mastah of Rambling. Yeah, I’m a Mastah of everything. Say it with me, mastaahhh

So, Carpet Head and I saw Fast 5 a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was great. Entertaining stuff, but I just gotta say, there is no way Vin Diesel can kick The Rock’s ass (itty bitty spoiler!). I mean, c’mon! The Rock’s wayyy bigger and stronger and cooler and better lookin’.  Okay, I have an itty bitty crush on The Rock, but seriously, lookithim! Anyway, Fast 5 also had a couple of gorgeous babes on the cast. There’s Spanish-Hungarian-Romanian actress Elsa Pataky and Israeli model/actress Gal Gadot. Pretty pretty people. I want Gal Gadot’s leather jacket.

Elsa Pataky happens to be the real life wife of lucky fool, Chris Hemsworth, the guy who played Thor, which we watched the week after Fast 5. Quick! Pop quiz! Who has a more massive neck – The Rock or Thor? HAHH. Seriously, those guys are huge. The movie was okay. I thought Tom Hiddleston, the guy who played Loki, was brilliant. And well, Natalie Portman was gorgeous as always. Her seductive lashes were like, up to here.

We also watched The Priest. Also pretty entertaining. I read some forum discussions about whether it’s anti-Catholic or what not. Seriously, it’s just a movie. Anyway, I think anything with Paul Bettany and Karl Urban is worth checking out.  I wonder if the graphic novel’s any good.

ANYWAY, blah blah blah…

Stuff on the net

Yep, too lazy to write.  Look! Cool stuff from The Fancy!
Need a tea set for your bloody tea party?
I dare yah to use these stickies at work.

Are you sure that’s beer in your glass?

Thanks to eggy for always sending links to cool stuff on the net.

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Weekend Highs

Movie night with Carpet Head.
Sour gummy bears and popcorn with salt, melted butter and extra butter for the movie.
Bacon lunch with bro and sis.
Ultimate frisbee in the rain.
Carpet Head downloading Plants vs. Zombies for me on his new iPad.
Mother’s Day.

How was your weekend? :)
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