T-Shirt Thursday!

Yep, it’s back. It’s T-Shirt Thursday! It’s T-Shirt Maundy Thursday, to be exact, for those who observe the Holy Week, but these shirts are neither maundy (what does maundy mean, anyway?) nor holy. They are merely awesome. Erm, some of these aren’t new, but, hey, I still think they’re great.

Airport Security from Threadless. This girl has cute hair.

Medusa Monkey from Design By Humans

Why Are You Waving? Run! from Snorgtees

Love is Love from Threadless

Why hello there. Sugar Skull Trooper from Snorgtees.

These t-shirt sites have some really pretty ladies modeling their shirts, yeah? :)

10 Things I Love

I want to thank everyone who dropped such lovely comments on my previous post. YOU. GUYS. ROCK. That was one of my very very few seriouz posts and I was feeling seriously emotional, I mean seriously, while I was writing that, so your kind and encouraging words mean a lot. :)

Okay. Umm. I don’t have anything else as significant to post right now so Imma do another meme post! Woot! I was tagged by Claire of Spinning Threads to list down 10 Things I Love so I’m gonna do that ’cause I feel seriously obedient right now.  Thanks for the tag!

State who tagged you in your post. (Check!)
State 10 things you love. (That’s coming up in a bit!)
Tag 10 other bloggers and let them know with a lovely comment. (On it!)

I’ve decided not to include the lovely people I love because that’s MUSHY! Eyeeew!!! Hah I’m just kidding. I mean, about the eyeeew on mushy stuff. I love mush and would love to include my loves as part of the 10 Things I Love, although they are not things per se, but that’s boring. Hah. I’ve decided to just throw in some pictures of random things I love! Yay.

Um, okay. Finished. I’m tagging these lovely people: Romaislove, RicAdeMus, Write It In Lipstick, Patikym, Here Tishie, Tishie, Jai Days, Moonpool, Bored and Crafty, Robots In Trouble, and A Taste of T.

Okay, now I’m gonna run off and leave a comment on their blogs! Toodles!
(This is where you imagine me literally “running” from blog to blog.)

photo sources:


A dear colleague passed away last night after a long and hard battle with cancer. I have to admit that we weren’t close, we weren’t bossom buddies, but I respected her and looked up to her and she was a radiant ray of sunshine. Always smiling. Always positive. She was a fighter, too, like you wouldn’t believe. Even with everything she went through, she was still smiling. Still positive. She had such faith. Her passing made me wonder if, at the end of my time, I would have the same strength and courage. The way she lived her life, how she touched so many people, made me think about my life right now. Am I living it to the fullest? Am I being a positive contributor to the world and the lives of others? How many people have I inspired?
The other day I stumbled on a blog called The Shine Project. It’s basically about bringing light and happiness to others. It’s about being the best you can be and letting your light rub off on others. It sounds awesome and so inspiring, and a lot of work. But I understand that because I know becoming the best self one can be involves a lot of hard work, effort, and sacrifice. And I know it’s all going to be worth it.

Hmm, is it time to shine?


Today’s Signs

I think there are moments when the universe tries to put you in the right direction. Or maybe it’s just your mind putting everything in a pattern already formed in your head. Whatever it is, sometimes I think we need to listen. Rather, I need to listen. Question is, do I have what it takes?

1. This quote posted inside the condo elevator:

2. From a new discovery I visited today – Makeunder My Life, a gorgeous blog about designing a life with intention:

3. And from this blog post by Kym.

What signs did the universe give you today?

Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

Yeahhh, I know I said I’d post more details about last week’s break from reality, but really, my real quick summary said it all. So. Photos. Lookie. HURRAY for random grabbed photos!

This is from the Friday night Registration Party.

They had a tiny photo booth and of course we just had to squeeze in for a group photo.

This is from the Saturday Night Party (end of Game Day 1 party). Most of us stayed at the tables outside the party venue. Some of our teammates prefered the dance floor inside the bar.

Still from Saturday Night. This is my panda impression. Apparently, pandas have crazy eyes and awkward claws. One of our teammates got this panda hat (and 500 bucks!) for dancing on the ledge (woohoo!). She left it with us when she went back inside.

Needless to say, when the owner is away, the panda will play. :P

Still from the Saturday Night party. Carpet Head doing his ballerina thing.

Huddle with team Pusakalz after our very last game.

Bora 2011 Warriors team photo.

We’re missing a few people: the girl who won the panda hat and couldn’t make it to the games the next day (he he he) and those who had to head back home early (sniff).

Aha! The girls’ mandatory jump shot! That’s me in the blue shorts! Yay!

The boys showing off their macho stuff.

Carpet Head doing a layout.


With Carpet Head. Yayyyyyy…

Yay jump shot!

These are just some of my favorite shots. I lurve my panda impression! Artsy, eh? HAH. I should’ve taken an arts course in college or something. Maybe I can take courses online. That would be so cool.

ANYWAY, I still haven’t gotten to the photos in Carpet Head’s camera from when we went parasailing and stuff. I’ll post some of those next time. Woohoo! :)

Photos grabbed from Doc, JP and Carre, Tish, and Ian. :)

Friday I’m in Love!

I am back from my vacay! Woohoo! I have yet to sort through photos though so I’ll have to post details about my 7-day break from reality next time. Sorry, loves! But, Imma give you a real quick summary right now!! Deep breath… and… NOW!
Carpet Head and I flew out to the island of Boracay and played a lot of beach ultimate, went swimming, ate a lot of Mongolian food, had great feasts and partied with our awesome team the Warriors, had a lot of photo ops (jump shots included!), went parasailing (woohoo!), got really really tanned, then flew back to Manila on Tuesday and stayed for a night in Tagaytay for my 30th birthday! Woohoo!!
That’s it. Was that really a real quick summary? I don’t know. Hah. Anyway, it’s Friday, friends, and Friday is looove.  :P

Photo of me in my new Oakley sunnies (birthday present from Carpet Head! Yay!) courtesy of my ever handy N8. 
Postcard by fuzzimo.