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Guest Post: 5 Amazing Sci-Fi Books to Read Before the End of Summer

Today we have a guest post by fellow freelance writer, Caroline, and she has some cool book recommendations for us! Enjoy the post! :) xoxo Leah 5 Amazing Sci-Fi Books to Read Before the End of Summer This year is shaping up to be one of those meteoric years for science fiction and fantasy. Looking at […]

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Top ten costume ideas for literary horror fans (a guest post)

Today we have Mark Gelineau, one of the authors of A Reaper of Stone (see my review a couple of posts back), and he has a fun Top 10 list for us. Checkitout! :) —————————— Howdy all. My name is Mark Gelineau and I, along with my writing partner Joe King, are Gelineau and King. […]

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Special Sale & Reader Giveaway: Dark Innocence by Rahima Warren

Dark Innocence

Today we’re featuring Dark Innocence, book 1 in the Star-Seers’ Prophecy trilogy, by author Rahima Warren. I’m a real sucker for fantasy and I couldn’t pass this one up, especially since the series has been compared to works by J.R.R. Tolkien and Ursula Leguin. I mean, holy crap, I’m curious. Anyway, I’m going to be posting […]

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A guest post about massage, its history and techniques

Carpet Head and I love getting massages. Actually, he’s the one who’s more into it and I just can’t say no most of the time. Lucky for us, there’s a home spa service in our area so it’s quite easy to schedule hour-long sessions anytime. It’s inexpensive and convenient, and, besides, we have this aromatherapy […]

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Guest Post: 5 Reasons why Reading a Book Brings Peace

Reading is a personal pursuit, so we each pick up books for different reasons. For most people, entertainment is one of the primary takeaways from reading a good book. But there are other reasons why people read; furnishing a host of benefits for individuals inspired to peruse their favorite titles. Whether you are on a […]

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Guest Post: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Kick-ass Girlfriend/Wife

And just like that it’s been a month since Carpet Head and I got hitched. Truth be told, nothing much has changed just yet. Of course, I’m now living at the hubby’s place but 95% of my stuff is still at my sister’s and my place. It’s like I’m just hanging out here at the […]

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