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Girls Weekend Getaway: Bantayan Island, Cebu

bantayan island

I flew out to Cebu the other weekend to hang out with my girlfriends for our “not always annual but we try” annual girls weekend getaway. We went to Bantayan Island, which has one of the most gorgeous beaches in the country (and the world!). The weekend was a blast, as usual. You know how …


Not So Typical Weekend at the Beach (a.k.a. The Weekend I Got Engaged)

So last weekend, I was at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world–Boracay. Played some kickass ultimate, hung out with awesome friends, and, you know, GOT ENGAGED to my Carpet Head. Woot. ;) First, a quick backstory. Carpet Head and I met sometime in 2008 because of ultimate. One of my teammates invited him …


Girls Weekend Getaway: Boracay

Last Thursday was my last day in the office. I was excited about that, but I was more excited about the upcoming annual getaway with my girls. Last year we went to Cebu. This year we decided to go to Boracay! We were there from Friday to Monday. I’m too lazy to be wordy about the whole …


Whoa, Gedjits!

Holy moly I have a brand spankin’ new phone! Carpet Head surprised me with an early Christmas present last weekend. LOVE! It’s an N8, which is only the latest of Nokia’s N-series. You know, no biggie. YEAH RIGHT. It’s so pretty…   Photos from the product site. Touchscreen, HD video quality, 12MP camera, HDMI connection, Dolby Digital Plus technology, GPS navigation, …