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I’m currently reading the Night Watch series by Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko, first published in 1998. I first got interested in the series when I saw bits of the Night Watch movie on cable. I read somewhere that the movie has some sort of cult following. All I remember from the movie is a guy with goggles in a subway train. Yeah, descriptive. Anyway, finally picked up the book and I’m hooked.

The series revolves around Others, beings with supernatural powers, who are either Light or Dark. They are bound by an ancient treaty meant to maintain the balance of power. The Night Watch is an organization of Light Others who polices the actions of Dark Others, while the Day Watch is an organization of Dark Others who polices the actions of Light Others. The Inquisition, on the other hand, is a group of Dark and Light Others who ensure both sides follow the treaty.

Book 1, Night Watch, shows the perspective of the members of the Light Others in the Night Watch, while Book 2, Day Watch, shows the perspective of the Dark Others in the Day Watch.

I’m currently on Book 3, Twilight Watch, where both Watches and the Inquisition cannot help but work together to solve something threatening the balance.

It’s riveting stuff, I swear.

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