Book Sales are LOVE

Look at what I found at a book sale! The Complete Guide to Sewing! I got this big, heavy, hardbound baby for 290 bucks. Sweet.  This is really is it, people. I can see myself furiously sewing lotsa crap soon. As soon as I get myself a sewing machine. Soon. Like when I have time. And money.

The book is a real how-to. There’s a part about sewing machines…

.. and a chapter on fabrics…

It has detailed instructions about patterns and cutting and, of course, sewing.

And look! Projects for friends and family. Awww.

Here’s are a couple of the projects featured in the book.

Huwaw, fashyon.

I think I should mention that this is a copy of the original version of the book, which first came out in 1976. That would explain the very groovy look of the pages above. Newer versions of the book were published with updates on the style and fashion.

Pictures courtesy of my crappy camera phone.

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