The Legendeer Trilogy

Lookie at my latest find from the sale rack of National Bookstore! I got this book for only 200 bucks since it was on 50% off. Not bad, considering that it’s three books in one.

The Legendeer Trilogy by Alan Gibbons is actually for kiddies which made it a really easy read. I finished this book relatively quickly. The trilogy starts off with Shadow of the Minotaur, where Phoenix,our 14-year-old hero, discovers through a computer game called Shadow of the Minotaur that there’s a parallel world where myths and legends are real and heroes and evil are destined to battle. Phoenix also realizes that an evil force, the Gamemaster, is trying to open the gateway between that world and ours. Phoenix must play the game to stop the Gamemaster. Eentresting, yah?

Shadow of the Minotaur is set in the world of Greek mythology. The second game/book, Vampyr Legion, has Phoenix fighting vampyrs and wolvers in the world of Van Helsing and Dracul, and the third game/book, Warriors of the Raven, dwells in the world of the Norse gods. Shadow of the Minotaur won the Blue Peter Book Award and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

The trilogy isn’t earth shattering but it’s pretty entertaining. I think it says a lot about how much the quality of computer games these days are changing society. Ese.

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