The Things I Do When I’m Bored Out of My Wits

As an heycharconchooltant my workload depends on the projects that come in. Sometimes I’m up to my neck in work. Other times I’m rhythmically poking my eyes out of boredom (a.k.a. “gatinusluka ug mata” for my fellow Bisaya out there). Kidding. I don’t do that poking thing, that’s nasty. But you get the point. Lucky for me, there’s a whole gamut of fun fun things I can do when I have free time at work and I have decided to list them down here because, you know, I’m bored.

So here you go. Here are the Top 5 things I do when I’m not too busy and have free time at the office.

1. I blog. Surprise surprise. This has been my most favorite thing to do lately when I’m slacking off not busy.  If I’m not posting nonsense, I’m tinkering with my blog layout. It’s crazy.

2. I surf the interwebs. If you’ve surfed long enough, you pick up terms like interwebs. It’s a word used by cool people. I’m so cool now. Anyway, what I usually do is go through my favorite blogs and links (see links at the bottom of the page) to see if there’s anything new. And when I’m done with them beloved blogs and links, I go to informative websites such as TMZ, Just Jared, or Popeater for my dose of juicy entertainment news a.k.a. chizmax. Of course, my surfing destinations are limited to sites not (yet?) categorized as prohibited by our IT. No lame social networking sites like FB. Ahuhu.

3. I read episode recaps. I love recaps. They’re one of the best things on the interwebs evar. I usually do this after I’ve checked out every possible website I can check out. I read recaps of  the TV shows I don’t get to watch anymore due to complicated technical cable issues (issue: we have no cable TV. Loser.). I also read recaps of shows I haven’t even seen. I used to just google the official website of certain shows and look for the recaps. Now I go straight to the site of the major US TV networks such as ABC, CBS and FOX and go through their shows one by one. Most of the FOX  and ABC shows have great recaps – very detailed and quirky.  Very entertaining.

4. I read ebooks. I have a bunch stored in my computer and when there are no more blogs to post or websites to surf or recaps to read, sometimes I choose an ebook and start reading. I prefer reading the printed word so it kinda takes great concentration for me to read an ebook. Not to say I’ve never finished one. It’s a strain on the eyes, but it helps kill time. Plus, reading books is always good.

5. I browse using my phone. I try to avoid doing this as much as I can because it contributes greatly to jacking up my phone bill, but I can’t help myself sometimes. I only do mobile browsing for three things: Yahoomail, Facebook, and Twitter. All three are blocked in the office.

So there you have it. What do you do when you’ve got nothing much to do in the office?

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