"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"

Since I already did T-Shirt Thursday yesterday (which was Wednesday but that doesn’t matter coz T-Shirt Thursday can fall on any other day I want and it will still have Thursday in its name even though it’s a different day and if you’re still reading this very long sentence, WOW.), I’ll just share today’s episode of Dinosaur Comics:

I also want to share this Harry Potter fanfiction piece from today’s episode of Questionable Content – check it out: Hermione and Ginny versus the Space Wizards. Read it! Read it! READ IT!

Fun webcomics are love.

5 thoughts on “"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"”

  1. this is still your last entry. *whew!* I thought something’s wrong with my blog setting or something because I haven’t been seeing your posts. :) can’t wait for your next post. hihee :D


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