A Notebook for Artists and Doodlers

I was killing time at Fullybooked in the Powerplant Mall yesterday. I swear, I’d live there or in the BHS branch if I could. I browsed through the shelves and handled the pretty books that caught my attention, but I ended up taking my precious time in the school and office knick knacks section. Notebooks and journals galore! Oh, LOVE. I love notebooks, but I stop myself from buying stuff I don’t really need. I still have a couple of little notebooks I haven’t really used much. I used to bring one of them, but it made my bag too heavy. I miss doodling on notebooks. :S

Anyway, there’s this one notebook that really caught my attention. The Walls Notebook by Sherwood Forlee. It’s a notebook/sketchbook with pictures of New York City walls as its pages. You can do whatever you want with these walls as your background. Ingenious idea, I must say. I love it!

Photos from the. and Doobybrain.

Love love love. I wanted to buy it but it was darn expensive. Crap. Gave me a great idea for a project though. Yay! Hope I can find time to actually do it.

11 thoughts on “A Notebook for Artists and Doodlers”

  1. @Eden: Hey, thanks for dropping by! Ooh let’s race to Fullybooked! LOL. Coz I only saw one copy of the notebook although I didn’t ask if they had more. I hope they do. :P

  2. omg, i love fully booked. i really love the moleskine notebooks but this is just sweet! my bf would kill to have this… oh, you just gave me an awesome monthsary gift idea!

    your blog is cute, hope you don’t mind dropping by mine:)



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