Blogging vs. Reading. Fight!

Whoa, reading wins! Yay!

Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit, but I haven’t been neglecting my reading. Yay for me. When I was in CDO for the holidays, I picked up these two books from Booksale:

Being, by Kevin Brooks, is a novel for young adults. It’s about a 16-year-old loner named Robert Smith whose life takes a crazy turn when he goes in for a routine endoscopy. While under anesthesia, he hears the doctor say that his insides aren’t human. Armed men come into the picture and Robert decides to flee. He hooks up with a young woman who happens to be in the business of fake identities and papers. The book is all about them running and Robert trying to figure out who or what he is. The book was interesting enough up until the ending. The ending sucked. That is all.

A Million Little Pieces, on the other hand, I liked not only for the easy writing style, but also because it didn’t bore me. It’s a semi-fictional account of the author’s six weeks in rehab. The book opens to the event that led to the author being admitted to a rehab center. Twenty-three year old James Frey wakes up in a plane. He can’t remember how he got there and can’t remember why he has a hole on his face. His parents meet him at the airport and drive him to a rehab clinic, where he meets all sorts of people and struggles to control his life-long addiction to drugs and alcohol. There are some pretty graphic parts, like that bit where the author had to have a root canal sans anesthesia (the doctor wasn’t allowed to give him any drug). Can you imagine that. Interesting read.

So that’s two books – one boring, one gruesome. But wait, there’s more! A few weekends ago, sister and I found us a few goodies in Fullybooked. YAY. Found another kiddie series to read. Little novels for the young ‘uns are my thing these days.

I’m talking about The Mysterious BenedictSociety books. When I read the blurb for the first book, I just couldn’t resist.

Are you a gifted child looking for Special Opportunities?

The Mysterious Benedict Society The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

The Mysterious Benedict Society is about these four kids, 12 and younger, who, after answering an ad on the paper and successfully completing a series of tests and challenges, find themselves as Mr. Benedict’s new recruits for a very important mission. With their special talents and abilities, they must defeat a criminal mastermind who is intent on taking over the world. Awesome. Seriously, the plot, the writing, and the characters are not kiddie at all. Kinda reminds me of Harry Potter, only they don’t use magic but SCIENCE and LOGIC. Oh, ha?

The Mysterious Benedict Society series is the literary work of one Trenton Lee Stewart. Illustrations are by Carson Ellis (yay for pictures!). I’m on the third book.

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  1. Hey I’ve read Mysterious Benedict Society! Bought it as a gift for Hamil’s niece, read a couple of chapters before wrapping it, then bought my own copy. Hahaha. I love children’s books. Made one term paper about themes in Newberry Award-winning books just so I had an excuse to read all those books for school!:D


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