7 Things

The gorgeous Roma tagged me on this awhile back. Actually it came with a Stylish Blogger Award (me, stylish! woohoo!). I don’t know about being stylish, but I do know about random posts! I am Mastah of Random Posts! Say it with me.. Mastahhh..

Seven Random Things

1. You know that song 7 Things by Miley Cyrus? I actually like that song. I don’t like her, but I like a lot of her songs like The Climb and Party in the USA. They are very catchy, you know.

2. I am obsessed with this get-up by Angela Montenegro (played by Michaela Conlin) of Bones, one of the coolest TV series ever. This is from an episode in the first season. If you watch Bones, you’ll know how long ago that was. Anyway, THAT is what I want to wear if ever I get to gallivant in some desert-like foreign place with rocks and boulders and stuff.

3. Carpet Head’s turned me into a dog lover. I used to say I love dogs but didn’t really mean it. Now I do! Dogs are cutie pies, whether big or small. Cats and kittens, too.

Bibo the Pomeranian-Spitz, one of the four dogs at Carpet Head’s. Baby looks terrified. :P

4. Since I am now a dog lover, I once fantasized that if ever I had two chocolate labs, I would name them Chuckie and Milo after the yummy chocolate drinks. I’m so clever, I know. My dream puppy though is a rough-coated Jack Russel Terrier like Nippy from the movie Problem Child or my friend’s dog Tobi the Stud. CUTIE PIE!

5. I am still trying to grow my hair long. I love short hair, but I miss ponytails. Plus, I’m bored with my look again and I’m thinking I should grow it long first before I can cut it again into some new style. HAH. Let’s see how long I can stand the awkward-fly-away-growing-hair stage. 6. Holy crap.  For a “Mastah of Random Posts” I am having a hard time doing this random post. It’s taking me so darn loooong. Gaahhhh…. Is it over yet???

7. I am bored.

Look! Puppies!

dog and puppy pictures

7 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Lei!!! Congratulations…you finished it. sorry. I know this might have been a difficult feat for you. Even I, a certified blabber, find these posts effort and time consuming! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LEI! and oh..we once had a dog named Pucci for Cappuccino :)


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