Apartment # 6

Well, technically it’s apartment number 4 since the first two places I’ve lived in here in Manila were dorms. OR is it apartment number 5 since the second one was a pseudo dorm? Hmm..

Anyhoo, yes, I am moving again! I mean, WE are moving. Sister and I have been apartment hunting since August last year and finally we’ve decided on an itty-bitty studio in Makati.  It’s in an old condo around Makati’s “fun” neighborhood. Okay, it’s pretty near the red light district, but that’s not really bad. The location is convenient akshully.  The building is old, but it seems to be well-maintained and well-secured.  The unit itself wasn’t in its best state when we first saw it, but it wasn’t anything a little paint and some handy-dandy-man work couldn’t fix!  The place is not big, but it’s enough for the two of us.  At least we’ll have a lil place to ourselves for practically the same price! We have a week before we move in because the condo admin peeps are still making the place “livable” again. Seriously, the place was sad when we first saw it. Apparently, the girl who used to rent the unit didn’t stay there much because her boyfriend lived in the same building. LOL chizmax courtesy of the building’s maintenance guy. Tsk.

We still need to get a lot of stuff like furniture, appliances, kitchenware, etc. We don’t want to crowd our place so we’re just going to go for key and must-have pieces.

We wanna get a 4-seater for the dining area. I like this 4-seater dining set from Furniture Manila. It’s simple, cute, and a perfect match for our generic white walls. Hah. Hmm those white cushion seats may be a challenge to clean though.

For our closet, we might get something custom-made to fit this extra space in one of the unit’s outer corners. We’ve taken to calling that space “The Nook.” I like the look of the one below, but it looks too big for The Nook. We really need something perfectly measured out.

Photo from apartmenttherapy.com

To save on floor space, we’re thinking wall shelves for our books and what-nots. We can also do a vertical bookcase (a V-stack! Yay!), but I don’t think we can spare even a small space for that.  But lookie, it’s really cool and neat.

Photos from apartmenttherapy.com
Eeee I need monies for all our home shopping needs! We also need to start canvassing on stuff. Oh man, where to start…

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  1. If you need help with furniture or whatever, let me know.:) You can get Ikea stuff from Mobler, cheap furniture from Mandaue Foam (they have a branch in Ortigas Extension).:)

  2. I am uber annoyed–I recently found a furniture maker online and he had such reasonable prices, and I thought I bookmarked the site but I can’t find it anymore! Aaaargh. The reason I’m telling you this is because dude makes customized closets. Sigh. Will let you know if I find it! Parang I read about it from some blog then jumped to the link and saw all his custom-made furniture.


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