A First Look

We piled all our crap in a container van and moved them to our new apartment! Yes! Well, actually, the movers did all the piling and lifting and moving and what not. We did the pre-move stuffing of aforementioned crap into suitcases, bags, paper bags, and boxes. It took us several hours to pack away all our things.  How could one room fit so much crap?!? LOL. Anyway, it was all good. It was a pain to sort and pack, but at least we are now staying in a place all to ourselves.  Yayyy…

NO, that’s not our place, but it’s nice, no? The layout is somewhat similar. Here’s what our cozy little Makati studio looks like right now. Prepare to be blown away. Ta-da!

Oh, look it’s our kitchen counter and our “Chateau Oak” wardrobe. We decided to just buy a closet from the store. Carpet Head, with some help from our big bro, did all the assembling stuff. Ee’s muy handy wit ze tools.

View from the front door: the back of our new wardrobe and boxes of shoes.

This is the dining and living room. Hah. Our books are in that big box on the lower right. Looks like they’re staying in there for a while until we get shelves. We lined up our beds on the left side to create more space for the living area. My bed’s tucked away in The Nook. We probably need to rearrange eventually, but this is the layout for now.

Suitcases and bags of goodies! We have yet to finish unpacking. We have a lot of old but still usable clothes and shoes that we want to give away.  Anybody know a good charity or foundation? So there. That’s the current state of our new place. Yes, yes, it’s a little warehouse with a kitchen, beds, and a “tsato ok” wardrobe, but it’s our new home. We still have a lot of unpacking and cleaning and prettifying to do. And we gots to buy appliances and cooking stuff!!

*Got the photo of the nice studio from this site.

6 thoughts on “A First Look”

  1. Yay thanks, Tish! I do appreciate your tips! :) Yeah we want something above the kitchen counter so we can store stuff and also hide the blue circuit breaker. :P

  2. Yay! You’re going to need more storage space for cooking stuff and pantry stuff. I’ve got lots of cabinets but they’re awkawrdly shaped, and the big ones are filled with things we got for our wedding.

    You can cover the back of your closet with pretty wallpaper/wrapping paper, then mount a cool framed print or poster.:) And get hanging shelves for your books to save on floor space. Wow, unsolicited advice. Haha


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