Second Look

Oh my gosh, we have THINGS! :P

Yay we are almost done with fixing our place. On the other side of this kitchen and dining showcase are our remaining stuff to be sorted and arranged. We still have our books and bags to display or store somewhere, and our old clothes and shoes to give away, but at least we’ve gotten rid of most of the clutter. And we shopped for groceries last night so at last we have FOOD! Yayyy we will liiiive!!

Anyway, enough of that egg-citement.  A little story about that wenge dining table. We had a little adventure buying that one. Sister and I decided to go to that stretch of furniture shops in Abad Santos in Manila. I bought my bed there and I remembered that it was just one MRT and one LRT ride away. We got lazy and decided to take a cab going there. Sumkinda mistake because the driver took a really long way. We passed through Binondo and ended up getting off somewhere in Recto. Then we walked and walked and found ourselves in Quiapo. We decided to retrace our steps back to the LRT 2 station we passed. Luckily it had a walkway connecting to LRT 1 where we finally took the train and got off at Abad Santos.  Whew.  So there, we went around the different shops first before finding a pretty dining set at a price we liked. We were supposed to get one exactly like the 4-seater from Furniture Manila, but it turned out to be out of stock and they delivered a totally different type of chairs and we had to call up the lady blah blah blah. Anyway, we decided to take them different chairs.  Still pretty.

Our apartment smells of new furniture. It also has no unifying theme.

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