And so we count down to Plan B

Folks, I quit my job. There I said it.  Consider this the official announcement. Hah. I filed my notice early last week. Anyway, so there. By the end of August, I will be jobless. Hah. I have been thinking of upping and going for the last year or so but just couldn’t do it because I didn’t have another job waiting in the wings. This time, I’ve decided leaving is still the best move for me even without the shiny new job. Why stay when you’re clearly ready to move on, right? It was just a decision I had to make. [cue motivational music]

So, what is Plan B? Folks, gear up for PLAN BATMAN! Bahala na si Batman! Bwahaha. Plan Batman will officially commence next month. Basically the plan is to find something that I will like doing. That is it. Simple enough, eh? GAH. Yeah, I know. Hopefully it won’t be that bad. There are a few things that I’m trying out or want to try out. Hopefully something will come out of these, er, things. Hah. Sometimes I wish I can just do whatever and not worry about whatever, you know? But, alas, life is full of whatevers to think of.

I’m rambling.

Anyhoo, it hasn’t really sunk in just yet. These days I’m happy-terrified. Happy to be busting out of this joint, but terrified to be out of a real job. I haven’t been jobless in 8 years! Eight years!! Good Lord. I still have about a month of work to do though. Gotta finish my ongoing project. Gotta get my 8 years of files in order. Gotta say goodbye to the little rats that leave little black presents on my desk once in a while (ah, those guys I won’t miss). Gotta go to Dumaguete next weekend for Shindig part 2. Gotta go to the annual girls’ getaway with my soul sisters the weekend after that. Gotta come up with a better plan b. HOH YEAH. Good luck to me! :P

August, you are a fiend. A fiend, I tell you.

“I am not a fiend. I am your dark and broody superhero.” – Batman

“Bahala na si Batman!”

Rough translation: “leave it to Batman” or “it’s up to Batman.” It’s a Filipino expression that refers to the Filipino attitude of “bahala na,” which can mean “whatever will be, will be” or “whatever happens, happens.” I’m not really sure how Batman came into the picture. Hah. Anyway, I found this hilarious post about this popular expression. Imagine the dark knight scrambling to help out every person who utters the words “bahala na si batman.” The poor soul.

5 thoughts on “And so we count down to Plan B”

  1. I think this is fantastic! If you weren’t feeling passionate about your job then it’s great you are moving on. You will be so much happier in the long run and you won’t be wasting your time on something just to make money. I’m so proud of you. Congrats, this is huge!!!

  2. praying for a better opportunity for you! life is too short not to do things that you really like doing :P i’d say its a good move!

  3. Congratulations!

    I was so close to quiting last month–but then remembered I need health insurance for the wife and kids–and they keep insisting on eating. =)

    But I was lucky. I told my boss I was burned out (which she already knew from the way I was snapping at people–very out of character for me) and she has been doing what she can to not annoy me. I’m keeping my eyes open for a new job just in case she changes back.

    Enjoy this time in your life.

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