Cleaning house, er, cube

It’s my last week and I’ve been trying to clean up my work area. Trying is the operative word. Seven years and 11 months (eep!) of being a corporate lackey means a four-drawer filing cabinet crammed full of files and reports, a whole desk of loose papers and what not, three drawers full of admin files and personal stuff, and almost 40gb of electronic work files. Whoa.

I started with the easiest thing to back up – the electronic files. I have about 40gb to back up because I’ve also been keeping the backups of 4 former colleagues. The easiest thing to do was to just create DVD backups. I managed to organize everything into 8 discs, which I need to label in a bit after I finish this post. Hello, procrastination.

I went through the three stacks of loose papers on my desk and chucked most of them. Most of them were superseded drafts that didn’t need to be filed. Thank goodness. The important ones I kept and shoved in folders. Okay, I didn’t just shove them. I still have a lot of punching and fastening to do.

Many of the files in my cabinet are already in folders so I just need to check them and send them to the basement for archiving. Good Lord, I have tons of work stuff.

Anyway, this is why I haven’t blogged since last week. Been busy with last minute work things, fixing files, etc.

Aaaaand I gotta go back to fixing files, so… later, dudes.

Hello, stacks of folders ready to be archived.
Goodbye, cube.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning house, er, cube”

  1. @S.H.: Woohoo! Let’s celebrate this weekend! Ahaha. See you soon!!

    @J: Yeah I’ve two but they’re more like paper scratches. Annoying but not painful at all. Thank goodness. :P


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