Finally I’ve caught up with The Games

The Hunger Games, that is. Yes, yes, it’s been a gazillion years since the first book of this ever so popular trilogy came out and the second and third have been out for quite some time. I just finished The Hunger Games yesterday. Carpet Head was finally able to dig up his copy from somewhere so I was able to get a hold of it. Not bad. Very Battle Royale. I liked it. I love that the main character is a strong woman. I could’ve done without the lovey dovey parts between the two leads though, but I guess it was essential to the story. If you’ve read the book, you know what I mean.

So, the movie’s coming out in March next year. I would watch it for Jennifer Lawrence, who’s playing the heroine. She’s gorgeous. I think at first fans weren’t sure if she could do the role justice, but I think she can make it work. I mean, hello, Winter’s Bone. That role got her Oscar and Golden Globe nominations and several other film awards. I haven’t seen it but I trust the film critics on this one.

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4 Replies to “Finally I’ve caught up with The Games”

  1. I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, I think she’ll be amazing! I am more nervous about the boys :(

    So glad you caught up! THG is AMAZE.

  2. When I read the title of your post, akala ko you’re referring to Game of Thrones.

    I think you’re going to like the second book. :)

    I’m excited about the movie!

  3. @Clare: I agree about having too many books to read! :P

  4. Naku you’re not a late bloomer when it comes to this…I’ve heard of the books but I have yet to get around to reading…there are way too many books on my reading list that I still have to finish! :P

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