Tips on Organizing

This was a guest post I wrote for A Taste of T.

A few guest bloggers and I were filling in for T while she was busy moving so I thought I  just use this to share a few simple tips on organizing! I’ve moved around a few times and these are the few things I always try to remember. I can’t say I’ve followed them strictly but they’re a great guide. These tips are also useful even when you just want to fix or reorganize your room or a part of your apartment.

Anyway, here it is! SPACE!

Have one focal area and a maximum of 3 or 4 areas. 
For example, sleep area is the focus with the closet and study/work areas to round it all up. 
Keep items you use within reach or in view. 
Store stuff you use only occasionally. 
Make use of boxes and compartments to maximize space. 
Equalize also means maintain all areas. 
The usual tendency is that items get added on over time leading to clutter. 
Equalize or clear out clutter once in a while.

I got this actually from my sister. She had it on a post-it in our room back home. I’ve posted about this too on my this blog a few years ago.

So, that’s it. Hope this is useful to one of you! Thanks for reading! :)

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