Oh hello there, shoe crush.

I took the train today and there was a girl wearing maroon Doc Martens across from me. I thought they were perfect for the weather we’ve been having. My cold feet in my squishy wet flats agreed. I want. By the way, she was pretty, too, but I just wanted her shoes. I want boots.

Hello, shoe crush.

I miss wearing boots. I used to have these brown hiker boots back in college. There was nothing feminine about those boots, but I sure loved them.

Look at me, the college girl cramming for an exam. I think this was my standard daily wear back then. Tank, jeans and boots.

Oh, I finally got my prizes from the last giveaway I won. Yay for free goodies! Thanks to The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories for these great items.

Nivea stuff (love!), dental goodies and a Vanita voucher. :)

That is all.

Hope you’re all having a great week. :)

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