Of new year’s eve movie marathons and a new online find

New Year’s Eve movie marathons

I’m not sure when it started, but for a few years now, a movie marathon has become a new year’s eve/day thing at our house. We’ve had The Lord of the Rings running consistently now. On some years, we threw in a couple of the Starwars flicks when LOTR was done. We usually start any time between the day before new year’s eve or on the day itself or right after the midnight celebration. This year I started it early just because. Watched it a few days ago. LOTR still rocks after all these years.

“But the fat hobbit, he knowsss…”

What are your New Year’s Eve traditions?

Another online find – Camtica, screen recorder software

I scour the net a lot for tutorials, especially on fixing blog templates and what not. Anyway, I found out about this new screen recorder software that would be really great for making tutorials. It’s called Camtica, a Screen Recorder Software. With Camtica you can make recordings of your computer screen so you can use it to make presentations, tutorials, etc. You can record any kind of computer activity and include animated mouseclicks, webcam and voice over, and save it in WMV or AVI format. It’s actually pretty useful for creating training or teaching videos, video presentations, tutorials and what not.

You can read more about it here.┬áThere’s an ongoing giveaway on the Camtica website but it’s only until Dec. 31 so you better hurry if you’re interested. Hah.


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  1. Last year, we discovered that the roof of our stockroom is the best place to watch fireworks. We watched there again this year. It really is amazing to celebrate the new year directly under the dancing stars. :) happy new year lei.


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