T-Shirt Thursday!

Some t-shirts and random thoughts follow below.


Books Not Boys (TopatoCo).: I just thought this was cute. I miss books. I haven’t read anything in a while.

Video Game Hats (BustedTees).: I can’t name all the games these hats came from.

Where He At Now? (TopatoCo): I opened an MS office document just to check out the Help section.

The Walken Dead (Loops and Pluto): Do you watch The Walking Dead the TV series? I don’t. Zombies are icky. Who invented zombies, anyway?

Winter is Coming (BustedTees): Game of Thrones! Hurry, Season 2.

How Were You Born? (Threadless): I was born this way, hey. I was born this way, hey. I’m on the right track, baby. I was born this hey, way. Wait, that’s not right.


3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. i used to watch lots of b horror films ’cause my dad doesn’t want us to watch too much romantic films (he’s possessive that way).. i seldom watch stuff like that now but my sister still goes gagaover ZOMBIE films…yes you know her, MAAN!!! :)


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