More on this freelance writing thing

I’ve decided to make it official. Yes, I’ve decided to do this freelance writing thing full-time. HAH. I have two main reasons for finally doing this: one, I am actually enjoying this writing thing even if it hasn’t paid me much (yet!); and two, I can’t imagine myself going back to the corporate world and I realized that I don’t have to. I just need to make a few adjustments to my schedule and perspective to turn this little hobby into my real job.

So you know I already have a few writing gigs on oDesk, which is really cool because it gives me a little bit of variety in terms of writing assignments.  I also just signed up as a freelance writer with a local company. I get paid based on how much I’ve done and I can work anywhere – at home or at their Ortigas office. I just started so I’m still in the process of getting a feel for the system and all that, but eventually I will be able to control the number of assignments I get. So basically the amount of work I have to do and how much I want to earn is pretty much up to me. WOOHOO! No work, no pay. Hah. Welcome to the freelancer’s world, eh? :P

Aaand that’s where I’m at right now. Operation Jump is off to a good start. I think. Yayyyy.

13 thoughts on “More on this freelance writing thing”

  1. Good luck on the career move, I admire that you’re doing what you love and want even if it can be challenging. Wish you the best with your new job.

  2. sabi nga nila, ’til you’re fully committed..don nalang magsisimula lahat. kudos for fully committing lei. I’ve been a half-baked entrepreneur for four years…good thing I made the jump! 2012 and leaps. I love it!

  3. Welcome to the club, Lei :) I’m very confident that with your talent, you are gonna be successful online. I’m very happy for you. I’ve quit my day job since June 2011 and online work has taken care of me and my family ever since. And it’s been good :) I know you can do more!

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