Funky Things Thursday!

Tonight, we’re flying off to CDO, a.k.a. home sweet home, and then going up to Malaybalay, Bukidnon for the Love Ultimate Tournament. Woohoo. But before I do that, I leave you with cool tees and cool stuff. Woohoo.

Sad T-Rex T-Shirt (Loops and Pluto): “If ur happy & u know it clap your… oh.” HAH awesome! I really do love t-rexes. Reminds me of this adorable t-rex.

Toilet Shot Glasses (Busted Tees): Sooo if you use this, you can all pretend you’re doing pee shots? HAH. So cool, though. So cool.

The Lord of the Rings Minifigs (The Fancy): LOTR FTW! I actually want these things just so I could recreate scenes from the trilogy. That would be so cool. And so geeky.

And that’s it. Til next week!

8 thoughts on “Funky Things Thursday!”

  1. HAHAHHAHHAHAHA OMG. That T-Rex shirt made me LOL so loudly, I almost peed in my undies. Ahem. TMI. But still. FUNNAY.

    No prob abt the freelance comment. It gets easier as time goes by – trust me. And you’re going to love setting your own schedule and making your own rules. If you need any help, just holler anytime. :)

    Have fun in CDO!


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