T-Shirt Thursday!

Behold, I give you genius or crazy (fine line, my friends, fine line) in the form of tees because T-shirt Thursday is the coolest day of all and every struggling freelance writer needs a break once in a while from furiously flushing words out of her ears.

Every time a cat cleans itself… (Threadless): I know, right?

We got him (Threadless): All those years evading eager eyes has taken its toll.

La Dolce Vita (Threadless): Skulls can be pretty, too.

Crayon Role Reveral No. 147 (Threadless): Just a tad bit disturbing, no?

Shufflin’ To Do List (SnorgTees): Incidentally, today’s Thursday. Let’s do this.

Skulltrooper (9 Fountains): George, is that you?

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