Travel hacking, location rebels, and other new words I learned this week

I spent most of the week reading about people who quit their 9-5 jobs, packed their stuff and became travel hackers and location independent self-sufficient people. Really interesting and inspiring stuff. Really distracting, too. I haven’t been so focused on work this week. I really should do more if I want to get more┬ámonies. I mean, I gotta remember that I’m on a no work-no pay thing here. I have ongoing jobs but I haven’t finished them yet and I’m nearing the deadline. GAH.

Anyway, I know I’ll be able to finish the work. I’m just feeling a little frustrated over myself right now because I know I can do so much more. This would be one of those low weeks, I guess. I’m thinking now maybe that’s why I’ve been more inclined to read about other people who have been through something like this than to do actual work. These inspiring people have a lot of advice and tips. Sometimes I don’t know where to start. Just learning all about these super cool terms can be overwhelming. Travel hacking? Location rebels? Rabblement? Whut?

Know what I’m talking about by reading about these travel hackers, freedom thinkers, and location rebels.

Would you ever take that road? If money wasn’t an issue, what’s the one thing you would be or would do?

4 thoughts on “Travel hacking, location rebels, and other new words I learned this week”

  1. Lei, you’re my inspiration baya! I even shared your story to an aspiring musician (she felt ‘stuck’ in her corporate job). Might do a 1-2-3 myself, too. Soon. ;)


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