T-Shirt Thursday!

Pirate Droid Arr 2-D2 (RedBubble): Arrr!! Space pirate!

I Just Want to Hug (Loops and Pluto): What he’s really saying is, “I just want to hug and eat your head!! Rarr!! I love you.”

Dino Frenzy (Design By Humans): Hurray for non-cutesy t-rex prints! Rarrr!! Are you scared yet?

Velociraptors Love Cupcakes! (Design By Humans): Why, of course, they do! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I think it’s great that they’re featuring other dinosaurs, too. T-rex is getting a big head from all that publicity. Gedit? Gedit?

Prototype (Threadless): This is just awesome. Cassette tapes were cool.

Book Lover (Threadless): In case you can’t see it clearly, it’s a giraffe hoarding alotta books!

Bacon Element (SnorgTees): Featuring one of my favorite all-day breakfast food. Mmm…

Do you have or know of a cool graphic tee that you want featured on T-Shirt Thursdays?

Please share! :)

2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. You can’t go wrong with either dinosaur comics or dinosaur t-shirts. =)

    What is it about bacon?  It seems to go with almost everything!!! 


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