Additional 4 Feature Posts to the $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

The response to my giveaway floored me. I am totally beside myself with joy. Ecstatic. Excited. Woot. I know, I’m new at this, but I really loved discovering new bloggers. That is why I’ve decided to add a little something to the giveaway. In addition to the $25 Amazon Gift Card winner, I want to give 4 bloggers a feature post each on my blog. Plus I’ll put his/her blog badge on my sidebar for the whole month of June if he/she wants. I don’t want to force anybody so any blogger who gets picked for this can decline and then we’ll just pick another one. Sound good? I’ve updated the Rafflecopter, so there’s no need to enter again if you’ve already put in entries. :)

Giveaway: 1 $25 Amazon Gift Card + 4 Feature Posts & Badge Space

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