Going Freelance a.k.a. Operation Jump Series

Ever since I officially declared myself a freelancer (whips out pretend badge with “freelancer” scribbled on it), some friends have asked about what I do, where I get my jobs, how I get paid, and other related stuff. I decided to just create a blog series about these things because that would be the “cool” way to do it. I am a–wait for it–freelance writer, after all. Hah. No, seriously, I just thought it would be a great way to share my personal experience about going from corporate lackey (hur hur) to freelancer (head-thrown-back-kind-of-laughter).

Some of the topics I plan to ramble about in this series include:

  • How I jumped ship threw myself overboard from the proverbial corporate ship and got on my own little row boat of freelancing (huh?)
  • How I started getting jobs and where I get my jobs
  • How I withdraw my millions earnings from oDesk and PayPal
  • My sources of information and inspiration
  • The personal challenges I made for myself to help me transition
  • Other lessons and tips

The first post goes up in a couple of days and the next posts will be every other or every three days or something. We’ll see. Hah.

If there’s anything you would like me to cover in this series or if you have ideas or suggestions or if you just want to laugh at/with me, just post a comment below. Yay! :)