T-Shirt Thursday!

Let’s take a break from whatever we need to take a break from and just celebrate this day with cute graphic tees! Booyah.

Marsupial Madness (Design By Human): King Koala’s like, “Mmmrff.”

Call Me Ishmael (Threadless): I’ve been thinking about reading this book. I shall take this as a sign.

I Got Another Whale (Threadless): More whales! That’s it, I’m downloading the book now.

Never Forget (BustedTees): Remembering the giants?

No One Ever Asks If I Need Help (SnorgTees): Aww poor guy.

4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. My son would love the first one–he really likes scnes/movies of over-sized monsters destroying cities. This is the first time I’ve seen a koala in that role.

    I can identify a little with the last one. When you’re the person others always turn to for help, it can be hard to reverse the roles on the rare occassion when you’re the one who needs help.


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