T-Shirt Thursday!

Hurray, T-Shirt Thursday lives! I’ve been rambling about books for the last couple of weeks that I’ve decided it’s about time we do a t-shirt break, yes? :)

The first one’s for the foodies and comics lovers! Yay!

Quickly, To The Cupcave! (SnorgTees): Cupcake heroes! I can sooo imagine them “running” to the cupcave.

Spoilt by Olly Moss (Threadless): Quick! Name all the films!

The Gift of Knowledge by Jeremy Owens (Threadless): Secret libraries and shit! Or maybe it’s not so secret. It’s still cool though.

Tokyo Extreme: Part 2  by Draco (Threadless): Lovely! Incidentally, I’m going to Japan in two week. Aha! Story later. Check out Part 1 here. So cool. I WANT.

Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis and Abigail Lewis (Threadless): I may have posted this before, but it’s still cute. Which “vore” are you?

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