Review & Giveaway: A Work in Progress by Brad Cotton

This is a review of A Work in Progress by author Brad Cotton. This book is currently on sale on Amazon until August 3rd. Brad Cotton is also doing a HUGE giveaway, including a $100 gift card to Amazon and copies of his book!

About A Work in Progress

Writer Danny Bayle’s life is in shambles. His true love has left him and his grandfather — the last and most important influence in his life — has just passed away. Danny has spent the last few months languishing, unable to write a single word, but at the urging of a friend ventures out into the world in an attempt to jumpstart a new life, befriending in the process an interesting assortment of characters including an author, a musician, an artist, and an elderly retired nurse. Garnering the attention of more than one woman, Danny sees his new friends unwittingly begin to shape what could just be the story of his life. But will he ever let go of the girl that got away?


The book is basically about a writer who has lost people he loved and his writing groove, and how he deals with everything and the things he does in his attempt to gain inspiration to write again. It’s also about the people he meets along the way.

I liked how this book flowed. It was easy to read and easy to follow. The first few pages felt like the opening scene of the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper ’cause, you know, Bradley Cooper’s character was also a struggling writer. And because my mind immediately made that connection, the main character in the book, Danny, started looking like Bradley Cooper in my head all throughout the whole novel. That was fine. It made Danny very likeable, not to say that he was an unlikeable character. He was actually a pretty nice character. The characters in the book were generally written well–very real people in my opinion. The other character that I really liked was Katie, an artist struggling with depression and other personal issues. She was described as young and with pink streaks in her hair, so naturally I started picturing Claudia from Warehouse 13. I liked how her relationship with Danny was written. It was very unique, real, and deep but had none of the explosive emotional fanfare that you read about in many books and I liked that very much. Theirs was a relationship that slowly flowed and eased into what it was.

Overall, I liked this book but I did not love the ending. I wanted to see how Danny would handle his relationship with Katie and I felt that somehow it was made easier for him at the end. I also didn’t love the cover so much, although the bird image has a deep significance in the book. For me this book was just nice and easy and very chillax for some reason. It may be because I was reading this during a very rainy week and at one time I was reading while drinking hot white chocolate mocha at a nice place and it was raining out. The whole thing felt very surreal.


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About the author

Born and raised in Toronto, Brad Cotton has been writing professionally for over a decade. An average guitarist, a subpar painter, and a horrible juggler of anything larger than a tangerine, he is currently married to a woman, but does not have a cat, a drum set or any children. A Work in Progress is his first novel.

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