T-Shirt Thursday!

Once upon a time I tried monetizing this blog so I could use the moolah to buy me loads of t-shirts. True story. I was actually able to earn enough to buy me a few pretties. I’ve stopped doing sponsored posts though so this blog doesn’t earn me anything–which is fine–but I haven’t stopped dreaming of wearing t-shirts foreverrrr. Well, okay, not really forever.

Let’s kick if off with the awesome M’s: math and music! Duhr.

Math (Threadless): This is so self-explanatory and oozing with coolness.

8 Down, 1 to Go (Threadless): You know, I really hope cats have 9 lives. I really do.

I’m Rexy And I Know It! (SnorgTees): When Rex walks by, girl be lookin’ like damn he fly.

Zombee (Loops and Pluto): What kind of sound would a zombee make?

Zombie Lincoln (BustedTees): Abe Lincoln, yeah he fly too.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. My sister loves zombies so I’m sure she’ll love the zombee tee! :) I was about to choose that too then I read rick’s favorite. Checked it again and it made me smile! haha! That’s my favorite rin! :)


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