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I’ve only read a couple of Jane Austen’s books but they’re all certainly on my reading list. Her books are the only kind of somewhat romantic novels that I adore. Hah. I don’t care much for many romance novels these days, but I do love the classic ones. I like the period, the clothes, all the prim-and-proper-ness of it all. I also love how these books portray the strong female characters of those times. We can all imagine what life was like for women during that century and I love how writers like Jane Austen portrayed that through their books.

I haven’t read a single Jane Austen inspired book though. Any suggestions? What’s your favorite Jane Austen novel?


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34 thoughts on “Jane Austen Giveaway Hop (INT) – Win $10 to buy a book of your choice (plus more giveaways!)”

  1. I have read them all and Persuasion is my favorite. Northanger Abbey is also fun. My favorite variation is “Pemberley’s Promise”. But there are several that are close seconds. It really depends on what kind of genre’s you like mysteries, sequels, prequels, supernatural (which i don’t personally read), YA. Regina Jeffers, Amanda Grange, Abigail Reynolds, Kara Louise, Pamela Aidan, Monica Odiwe, Mary Lydon Simonsen, Victoria Connelly, are all fun to read for different reasons. I could go on and on.
    schafsue at gmail dot com

  2. I own several of Jane Austen’s books but haven’t read them yet nor have I read any Austen-inspired novels. However, I have seen the movie Bride & Prejudice which I loved.

    Thanks :)

  3. If you like, or better love, Pride & Prejudice, I would recommend the trilogy written by Pamela Aidan “A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman”. I also enjoy very much the Jane Austen Mysteries written by Stephanie Barron.
    I love Persuasion!

  4. My favorite Jane Austen Book is Pride & Prejudice and there is a 5 hour BBC Mini Series from 1995 with Colin Firth that is really good if you are up to it. It is a really accurate portrayal of the book & doesn’t miss much.

  5. My favorite Austen novel is Pride and Prejudice but Persuasion also holds a dear place in my heart. As for Austen inspired works I really enjoyed Bridget Jone’s Diary if you haven’t read it and you must see both the movies if you haven’t seen them as well. Thanks for the giveaway and the gift of choice as well.

    Stiletto Storytime

  6. I’ve read all of them. If you lean toward the lighter try Northanger Abbey because its a tongue in cheek one, the big romance is of course Pride and Prejudice, the angsty one is Sense and Sensibility, second chance romance is Persuasion (my fav), Mansfield Park is about the underdog finally getting her HEA and Emma is the blind matchmaker who tries to fix everyone else up. They’re all good.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  7. I think Pride & Prejudice is the popular favorite (obviously not exclusively). The BBC movie follows the book quite closely, quoting Jane Austen, which is wonderful. The writing takes me awhile to get into, since the pace and intrigue are from another age, so the movie might get ya in the mood. Emma is a lot of fun, too, since she’s matchmaking and gets caught in love herself. Regardless… you must read something by her at some point. It’s worth it. She’s incredibly talented.

  8. i’ve read them all multiple times, but Persuasion is my favorite. There are so many JA inspired books out there, from tea parties to zombies & vampires-like everything else there are good ones, corny ones & sappy ones! There is a particularly good mystery series by Stephanie Barron. Hope you can find something that you enjoy! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  9. Hi Leah, thank u for this awesome giveaway. I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen. I hal already read all of her books. My favorite one is Pride and Prejudice, but I also love Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Her books are awesome. You should try to read it.
    I also read many books that based on her books. I love Pride and Popularity, Northanger Alibi and Persuaded by Jenni James, Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard and Prom and Prejudice.


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