T-Shirt Thursday on a Monday!

Yes, T-Shirt Thursdays are back! Woohoo. This was supposed to go up, er, last Thursday, but then I already had posts scheduled so I had to move this super awesome post to today. I know, weird, but still, YAY for cool tees! What better way to greet the week than with these cute I-wanna-hug-you-and-squeeze-you-and-call-you-George* tees.

The Teddy Bear Picnic by Alison Acton, Threadless: Zombie teddies, anyone? Would you really run away if zombie teddy bears were after you?

Jack-O-Full Moon by Marvin Pedro, Threadless: It’s Jack the pumpkin king! Who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Retro Villains by Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez, Threadless: “The part of Al will be played by a tall dark and sinister ugly man,” says the Genie. Sigh. I heart Disney.

Curse of the Care Were by Sean Anton Husbands, Threadless: Care Were stare?? I think just the mere sight of a care were would scare the bad guys.

Tea Rex, SnorgTees: Tea Rex is a polite and proper rex. Wait, can he even drink from his teacup? OH NOESSSS!!

*Anybody know from which cartoon this line came from? ;)

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