T-Shirt Thursday!

Most of these aren’t new, but they’re cute anyway. Yeahboy.

Halfling and Wizard (Threadless): Woohoo! Wish I can wear this when I watch The Hobbit.

Inventory (Threadless): Weapons of coolness!

Head Arnold (BustedTees): I don’t really watch this toon, but this shirt’s nice.

Awwwsassin (SnorgTees): Aww. The last face you see before you die by ninja assassin.

4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. lol, I can’t wait for the Hobbit to premiere. But I will, I don’t like the first week crowds. If I had to go, there would be worse ways than at the paws of an awwwsassin. :)


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