Music Monday: Long Live Original Pinoy Music!

About time I post about music again on this wretched blog. And I have the perfect reason.

After a gazillion years, I finally experienced live music again last weekend. Last Sat, a bunch of us went to Conspiracy Garden Cafe to watch one of our disc friends, Bullet Dumas, ultimate player extraordinaire and musical genius (o ha?), perform with a bunch of other music geniuses. The awesomeness of these insanely talented people is just downright krayzay.

The event banner

When we arrived at Conspi, the group had already started playing and they were down to their last three or four songs. The music room was packed so we had to make do with a small table just outside the door. Of course no one stopped us from taking peeks from the doorway.

L-R: Jay Durias on keyboards, Bullet Dumas on vocals,
Mic Llave on guitar, Mlou Matute on percussion

Aha, lucky for you folks I remembered I had a snazzy HD camera on the gedjit that is my phone and was able to catch this 3-minute clip from the jamming session. Yay me.

Great music by these guys. After the jamming session, Mic and Bullet took turns playing for what was left of the crowd. Mic, by the way, has an EP out. It’s called Ambisyon (ambition) and you may want to check it out. It’s pretty nifty. Oh, they also shared the stage for a couple of songs or so. They played Warning by Incubus (Ah my former love Brandon Boyd, I missed you too.) and one of Bullet’s songs, Pre and Post (if I remember correctly).

And that’s it. Long live original Pinoy music.

To end this post, I leave you with one of Bullet’s tracks. Listen listen.

Have a great week ahead!

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