Planners are wasted on me. Therefore, I want one. (With bonus rambling at the end of this post. YAY.)

Lookit these lovely paper things c/o Fullybooked!

Fullybooked had this cool post on their blog about five different types of planners for different people and it made me want a planner. Now, I have never kept a planner. Or rather, I have never used one for its purpose. I’ve made several attempts to maintain one back in college and when I was still working for the feeerm. In college, instead of filling out the dated pages of planner things, I ended up writing down my schedule or notes at the back of class handouts which I stuffed in my binder. When I was at my old job, planners that I received as tokens or gifts gathered dust in my filing cabinet. I was content to use the calendar on my phone or the firm-issued notebook for noting down meetings.

One problem I had with planners was that I wanted everything consistent and balanced. I mean, I didn’t want to leave empty spaces. Dates or pages that didn’t have anything written on them drove me nuts. I tried to use them like regular notebooks and ignore the dated pages, but the dates were just too annoying. I don’t like structured pages, I’m an artiste, I want to be free la la la and all that crap. LOL. Kidding.

Let me tell you about what happened to the last planner I owned.

It was a brown Starbucks 2011 planner and I turned it into… a masterpiece (cue: orchestra music)! Ahaha hmm. Okay, I tried to have a use for it. After neglecting it for the first half of the year, I decided to squeeze creativity out of my eyeballs and turn the damn planner thing into a scrapbook of sorts. I was thinking I could do a “year in review” post on my blog with photos of the scrapbook entries. Well, that was the plan of plans.

“How was your 2011?” Well, I had a crappy planner. You?

On the first page: lyrics from a song I liked

Tickets and stubs from an epic Boracay Open 2011

The gorgeous Nelly Furtado who used to grace my Starbucks tumbler plus little cards with stuff written on them that I had on my work desk. The orange space was supposedly for some brilliant writing that I never got around to doing.

Another one of my tumbler inserts.

Stuff from the 2011 Hong Kong Pan Asian Tournament

Celebrating my last day at my former job. Hah. Lookit my old business card. Hopefully next year I’ll be doing something cooler than whatever and I’m gonna have to print business cards with my brand on it. Cards that are all mine mine mine. Mwahaha.

I think that last photo was the last thing I had on that planner. Poor Starbucks planner turned out to be an unfinished scrapbook slash journal. I had tons of memorabilia things that I was planning to stick inside the planner but I became so busy with the whole freelancing thing that I forgot about everything.

I think I want to do this again next year. I need to go back to paper things. I’ve been online almost everyday since I started doing freelance work and I think I need to re-learn how to write things using a pen. Hah. You know, what I mean.

So, I need a planner to waste. Mwahaha. Kidding. I don’t want to waste anything. Save Mother Nature, you know. Maybe I’ll do something crafty. Let’s start the new year with a little creativity, yeah?

Oh, wow. I think I just found #1 for my 2013 list. Woot.

Oh, hey, item #2 on the 2013 list: BRING BACK THE DAMN LISTS! Man, I was a funner blogger before I did all these freelance things. I should do a separate post for my super important 2013 list. Damn.

Sorry, I am rambling. What were we talking about? Planners. Woohoo, let’s get me some yummy planners.

That is all.

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  1. Doing everything electronically can be a problem–I had trouble putting my signature on a few forms last week. :) I’m not good with planners, but I used to like my paper calendar for making notes on specific days.


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